Gigi – Collectable leather bag


  • 30 x 20 x 16cm
  • 3 Lining pockets
  • Front pocket
  • 100% Real leather
  • Made only from leftover scraps; no new hides made for this bag!
  • Limited edition / collectible

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Noi-Noi Collectables

Looking for something truly unique? Then Noi-Noi collectables are for you. All bags from this collection are made from real leather scraps. Pieces that would otherwise be thrown away. What a waste! Noi-Noi took all of those scraps and made Gigi bags and Gogo wallets out of them. This means only a maximum of 10 items are produced in one exact color combination.

What counts for all our bags, also counts for our Collectables: we make sure they are all produced fair trade in our factory. All bags are being checked several times on quality, you can be sure we take good care of yours. Out of thousands of colors, we made a choice for a perfect match for each season. That way your Collectable will last for a very long time!


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