Hi-di-hi is a fun and colorful brand of bags and accessories.
It was started by Dutch designer Sylvia Krens in 2006, after her 5-year old asked her to make him a backpack with a hood attached, so he could be a superhero. This bag immediately brightened up the street scene! After a couple of copies for friends, the ‘bag-fever’ had struck and a brand was born.


For Sylvia, design as well as production have to come from the heart. This means that production has been fair from day 1. From design studio to factory, to selling directly to you, we control the whole process, with no middle man. This is very important as Hi-di-hi is fully committed to provide honest products for honest prices. We make sure that our employees are educated and work by western standards: a 40h workweek for a fair salary in a safe environment and with health insurance. But… as much as we think we can contribute to better conditions on the other side of the world, it cannot be done without the progressive ideas and loving care of the managers themselves. “In our factory, no one works or goes home on an empty stomach!”

We also aim to be as green as possible. All our materials (vegan and hardware) are produced by ourselves so we can ensure no pollutants or toxins are involved. For example, many substances are used to speed up the production process. And as nature-loving people,  we are in no hurry ;-). As we believe in sustainability we produce our bags to order, therefore avoiding unwanted stock and large amounts of waste.

Today, Hi-di-hi has grown into a medium sized company offering three different brands: Hi-di-hi, Noi-Noi and EEEZI, all produced by the same philosophy, but different in style, to make sure everyone can enjoy our sustainable bags. Hi-di-hi is colorful, multifunctional and full of surprises. Noi-Noi is folky and trendy at a great price. EEEZI is our classic brand with quirky evergreens. All brands are sold all over the world, mainly by small stores not afraid to offer something different than a ‘brown bag’.

And they are different! We love hearing the great comments from our customers. Most are thrilled to have found something that’s beautyfully handmade but different than the norm. Happy employees and happy customers. Both equally important because in this way we support each other. And that’s a good feeling, isn’t it?