Hip-hip-hurray! Shop Hi-di-hi, Noi-Noi and EEEZI in one place! January is generally the time to make a fresh start. And we thought so too. For your convenience, we decided to offer all of our products on the same website.

Combine a Hi-di-hi wallet with an EEEZI bag and add a Noi-Noi keychain. Like the bag better with a Noi-Noi wallet? Not a problem: mix & match to your heart’s content, without the hassle of double shipping costs.

Let’s be honest here, managing three different websites is a lot of work too. Combining websites leaves more time to design new collections, yay!

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What’s new?

If you had a Noi-Noi, Hi-di-hi or EEEZI account before the new website, you can keep on using it! All accounts were transferred to the new website. Did you have an account on two of our websites? Then only one was saved. Simply click ‘I forgot my password’ if you want to create a new password. Email us at info@hi-di-hi.nl to request your login codes if you’ve forgotten your username as well. Or simply create a new account through ‘my account’ if you don’t have one yet.

More new stuff: the website can now be viewed in multiple languages! Simply select your desired language in the top right corner by clicking the flag.

We are also updating our store locator with our current sellers. This takes a little more time and effort, but is expected to arrive soon. Use the store locator to find a shop in your neighborhood. Ideal if an item has sold out in our shop, or if you want to see an item in person.

And now it’s time to explore! Enjoy the new website 🙂

Kindest regards,
Team Hi-di-hi